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Confess your faults one to another, and pray for one another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.
James 5:16. (KJV)

🙏 Prayer List 🙏

Updated June 14, 2020

I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting.
I Timothy 2:8. (KJV)

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A sewing ministry of our church“Love Stitches”, Ladies of our church sewing for "Prayers To Action, INC", for the under privileged
children of Appalachia
Deacon Lamar Thompson — teaching Sunday School

Beverly Davis — Bro. Lamar’s former coworker’s ❨James Davis❩ wife — Beverly had total shoulder replacement in October last year.

Her shoulder has been swollen and hurting. She went to the doctor Monday, April 13th, and they did blood work, suspected infection. Blood was positive. Doctor called later that day and got her set for surgery, April 16th. Will take out shoulder hardware. Put in a pic line to put in antibiotics, put in antibiotic spacers where shoulder was. Because of Corona virus no one can go in with her.
  Update: The surgery went well. The implant was “loose” a sign it was infection. It was not adhering to the bone. She stayed inpatient over the weekend. Will get a port installed to receive IV antibiotics for 6 weeks then oral antibiotics for 6 weeks. Then will talk about a new shoulder.
Melanie Brown — had a liver transplant
Buford Strength — has the shingles
Kelsey Baker — surgery went well
Sonia Taylor — (Bro. Ricky’s daughter) has cancer; she has two more treatments; continued prayers
Dennis Clark — (he was in the tornado in Beauregard) still paralyzed and needs our prayers
Tasha Moyers and her sister Halley — nurses going to New Jersey to help with the Coronavirus
Bro. Joey — continued prayers
Sis. Donna — continued prayers; still having back and leg pain; will have cataract surgery sometime soon
Jim Hardwick — continued prayers
Brenda Price — continued prayers
Sue Gilbert — has throat cancer
Jill Jones — has severe body pain
Destiny Schreiner — has severe migraines and body pain
Connie Finney — has stomach cancer
Bro. Thomas Waters’ son — has stage 4 colon cancer
Sarah Burkhalter — recovering from a severe stroke
Terry Anthony — prayers for him
Sue Morgan — Needs our prayers
Dot Lee — continued prayers
Stephanie Ingram — continued prayers; trying new medication for her migraines
Tommy Dillard — medicine helping with blockage; back surgery soon
Carl Thornell — will have an MRI on wrist and then hopefully surgery soon to remove the plate
Roger Davis — cancer in colon and liver; not doing well with treatments
Jim Bob Duncan — has stage 4 bone cancer; doing very well
Gracie Thompson — has Type One (insulin dependent) diabetes; having trouble controlling blood sugar; she is 15 years old.
Juanita Roye — continued prayers
Vicky Foster — continued back problems with complications; lots of pain
Troy Hilyer — (Teresa Sides son) has a rare blood disorder
Wesley — (Bro. Ricky’s cousin's son) social skills limited but he is working
Patricia Duffy — stage 4 breast cancer
Butch Beach — (Diane’s cousin) served in Vietnam; suffering from effects of Agent Orange; going to have surgery
Dian Beach — (Butch’s sister) continued prayers
Tristan Mann — (Michelle’s son) continued prayers
Nobby and Beverly Tajima — (Bro. Lamar’s sister) continued prayers
Sis. Diane — continued prayers
Ronnie and Michelle Dillard and Family — (Bro. Lamar’s daughter and son—in—law) continued prayers
Sis. Lisa — continued prayers
Sis. Rose — continue prayer
All the grandchildren — continued prayer
McKenzie Ray — continued prayers; leukemia has infiltrated her kidneys. Not sure how much of her marrow has been compromised
Sis. Paula — continued prayers; got a pacemaker
Mark Allen — pray for salvation
Denny Allen — needs salvation
Clifford Tomblin — cancer has spread all over; not taking treatments; pray for salvation
Sis. Juanita Roye and son Steven — continued prayers

Unspoken requests and our friends, enemies, and loved ones who need salvation
Pastor Elder Joey Miller and Family
Mt Zion Bible Church
Word of Truth broadcast — Sunday 7:00 AM (CDT) — WTLS 1300-AM, listen on the web at 1300wtls.com In Tallassee, Alabama
Mexican Indian Training Center
Adullam House
Sav A Life of Tallapoosa County