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Confess your faults one to another, and pray for one another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. (KJV)
James 5:16 (ESV)

Prayer List

Updated May 19, 2024

I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting. (KJV)
I Timothy 2:8 (ESV)

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Deacon Lamar Thompson — teaching Bible Study

Sis. Paulawent home to be with her Lord July 10,2022.
Sis. Rosewent home to be with her Lord Aug. 19,2022.
McKenzie Raywent home to her Savior November 3,2022, she was 20 years, battled leukemia for 10 years
Allen Cullers(Kevin’s cousin) passed away January 31,2023, remember his wife, Julia, she’s legally blind
Donald “Hoot” Wadkins(Sis. Sherry’s brother) passed away, Feb. 02,2023; he lived in Indiana
Danny and Renee Harrison(Sis. Diane’s cousin) he had Parkinson’s disease, he passed away on May 19,2023
Bro. Tim ReddenWent home to be with his Lord Friday August 11,2023. he had Parkinson’s disease
Dot Leepassed away Aug. 24,2023
Steve Leepassed away Aug. 22,2023
Bobby Greshampassed away Nov. 15, 2023.
Janice Sidespassed away Jan. 25, 2024.
Pray For Our Nation
Pray for all teachers
Sasha Malovpray for the situation in Ukraine and the people there, live in Kyiv near the airport
Israelpray for the situation in Israel
Audrey(Chris and Amber’s daughter, 4 year’s old) was diagnosed with Leukemia on 4/15/24. Had a port put in Thursday, the 18th. Surgery showed cancer had not spread to her spine or brain. came home with a tube in her nose; starting “a new normal”. Developed a bacteria in her bloodstream; taking antibiotics; had a CT scan
Pastor Joey Millercontinued prayers
Donna Millerwill have two surgeries soon because of her 10 mil kidney stone; one to put a stint in and the other to dissolve the stone
Carl Thornellrecovering from a stroke
Sis. Dianecontinued prayers
Stephanie IngramDr. thinks she has had seizure episodes with her migraines. Dr.’s want to implant a heart monitor to make sure
Julia Bryshas been diagnosed with interstitial cystitis and has had one treatment
Chuck Meadows(Sis. Sherry’s brother) has had another stroke sometimes last Sunday, May 12th; doing an MRI to check for blood clots at Baptist South
Benette Baxleycancer in bladder, had surgery May 14th, surgery went well
Ricky Strengthcalled in Hospice; doing some better
Carolyn Strengthhas c-difficile
Duane Claytonhad skin cancer taken off her face
Jamie Baxleysevere sinus trouble
Brenda(Bro. Denny’s sister) had a knee replacement
Buford and Beth Strengthshe has a broken fibula and he had gall bladder surgery last April; other medical issues
Ann Malone Hinsonsevere cancer; has a husband and children
Clai Mullins77 has a fast growing brain tumor (GBM), can’t walk, no control over her body; doesn’t know who she is
Lauren Sharich17 years old; 2A lymphoma cancer; radiation and chemo for treatments
Bro. Kevinon insulin for diabetes
Laura Campbellbeing treated for blood clots in her lungs and one in her hip
Jimmy Emfingerrehabbing a stroke on his left side at the Veterans Administration in Alex City
Kimberly Robertson-Hicks- had a good report and DR.’s; will keep a check on her
Kimberly’s motherhad pneumonia and was in Afib
Kimberly’s 9 year old son, Zachhas brain cancer that is in remission; will have a scan every 6 months, last scan showed cancer still in remission
Ashley NorrisSis. Lisa Walton’s niece. She has been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. She’s 29 years old and has a husband and two little children. They don’t think the cancer has spread, have begun Chemotherapy
Julia Cullarspossible Alzheimer’s
Mr. and Mis. Rector (David’s parents: Denny’s friend) both are in bad health, she’s in Rehab
Paul Simon(Alistair Begg) prayers for his salvation
Jane Schaffenhas cancer (Dobie Hyde’s mother) needs salvation
Carla Lambertrecovering from a stroke
Sis Lisa’s mother at home, hospice has been called in
Randall Freeman (Bro. Denny’s friend) has a cancerous cyst in his lung; Dr.’s give him short time to live. Made a profession of faith
Sis. Columbiacontinued prayers
Bro. Tommycontinued prayers
Bro. Tim and Sis. Lisacontinued prayers
Lamar Godwin has bone cancer; ongoing chemo treatments at Spencer Cancer Center in Opelika
Terry Sergeant Denny’s friend has several health issues and not doing well at all
Denny Allen continued prayers
Mark Allen pray for salvation
Butch Beach (Diane’s cousin) served in Vietnam; suffering from effects of Agent Orange
Tristan Mann (Michelle’s son) continued prayers
Tiffany Mann (Michelle’s son) needs prayers
Gracie Thompson continued prayers
Ronnie and Michelle Dillard and Familycontinued prayers
Chuck Meadows(Sis. Sherry’s brother) needs salvation
Tim SidesThe Lord Saved him; Praise God!!!
Keira(Bro. Kevin’s stepdaughter) needs salvation
Kimberly(Bro. Kevin’s stepdaughter) needs salvation. She is bipolar
All the children and grandchildren continued prayer
Sis. Juanita Roye and son Steven continued prayers

Unspoken requests and our friends, enemies, and loved ones who need salvation
These we support